Futures untold


Motions happening on a couple of RP fronts. Still got our regular Fatefinder game tomorrow (for which I still have some harpy sociality to be decided) but we've also got some new game prospects happening.

Ami's been wanting to run a Vampire: The Masquerade game for a while and it looks like that will be starting up soon. I'm planning to play Ravenna Estrella, (née Susan Wilkins), a Toreador who has decided to reinvent herself as a wealthy socialite now that she believes the rules of the mortal world no longer apply to her. She sees this as an opportunity to cast off the dull soul-crashing life she used to lead and to no longer do all that tedious "caring about others". So, her demeanour is Bon Vivant while I'm thinking Autocrat for her Nature. Especially since we've been trying to work out what to do for her sire and I'm thinking whoever it was has since grown bored of her and discarded her so now Ravenna is trying to get that attention back.

Someone who believes she is beyond humanity but actually is still bound by her obsessions with image and status that arise from her mortal life.

As an interlude or side game when the party completes Murder on the Silken Caravan we're gearing up to try playing with the actual Pathfinder rulest using module D0 - Hollow's Last Hope, a small adventure released for Free RPG Day way back [secret: this was actually published for D&D 3.5 and I've had to do a tiny bit of work to convert it onward to Pathfinder]. It's set in Falcon's Hollow, in Darkmoon Vale and if people enjoy it there are enough other modules set in the same area which could carry the party all the way up to level 8 if we wish.

Plus the process of character building has been back-story suggestive enough I've got some ideas for how we might go off or extend the rails to try and resolve some individual character plots. But we'll see if we even get that far.

So far we've got:

Snowcaster Elf (possible Tiefling)    (Unchained?) Rogue [Sniper] (swapping out traits for the Gunsmith feature from the Gunslinger)
Human                            (Unchained?) Rogue [Underground Chemist] (using Heirloom Weapon trait for scythe + proficiency)
Ratfolk                            Swashbuckler (Pirat wielding a rapier)

With a party like this it's obvious I'm going to need to be familiar with:
How to trigger sneak attacks
Which creatures are and are not vulnerable to sneak and precision damage
Thrown weapons
Splash damage
Trip attacks
Interaction between 2-handed weapons (the scythe) and drawing and throwing alchemical weapons (our chemist again)

Things I'll need to be familiar with for the adventure itself:
Overland travel
Navigation and wilderness hazards (especially forest and river)
Stealth & Perception
Special monster attacks like: constrict, grab, poison, pounce, rake, trip, web
Identifying items
Identifying creatures
Senses: blindsight, darkvision, low-light vision
Spell-like abilities