In the land of failing to remember to post these same day


Dear diary,

I don't know what to write about today, so perhaps I shouldn't. But I can say these things: Today I read two comic books in their entirety, and as much as those are very light and swift reading, it's taken me multiple days to read the last few I've read, in moments snatched on lunch breaks and while waiting for things to happen, so it feels simultaneously relieving and disappointing to open up a book for the first time and have it evaporate so swiftly. I typed up a few pages of notes from a notebook that I'd written several years previously and never quite managed the intention and will to transfer to a digital form. And despite canned pumpkin apparently not existing in this country (still not shocked - I'd never encountered it in the wild before a recipe asked for it) I managed to find out how to process a raw pumpkin into similar form at home and transformed it into - if I do say so myself - a pretty tasty pumpkin and coconut cream soup. Some of the thyme got burned and I would have benefited by collecting that first batch of little bits into a bowl to dump into the pot together, but that's only a question of improvement. What I made was good already.