Making progress


Made some progress today. Finished, I think, writing up my thoughts on those three volumes of Batgirl, and maybe someday they'll even get posted! So now I can finally give those back to the library and perhaps tomorrow I shall start reading the volumes of Valerian and Laureline I borrowed from work. Don't look forward to hearing about that soon either. But someday, if wishes and dreams come true.

Just imagine what I could get done if I stayed focused and avoided the siren lure of social media and adjacent time-sinks, eh? Of course if I could manage to not turn absolutely every thing I do into work and a project then we wouldn't be stressing about this but, then, what would we aspire to do with this time?

Perpetual resolution: time should not be blank?

Actually tomorrow will likely involve a walk down to the pharmacy. Keep forgetting to refill the inhaler prescription and especially tonight has involved a lot of coughing and spluttering which would be very kind if it proved to be coincidence.

Just went back over my diary entries from the past year to add tags. That was a big heap of depressing to hit me in the face. Tears now. Don't know what's the point in my being alive still. Ruined everything. Alone and going to stay that way. There isn't really anything to live for any more, if there ever was. Just got to keep distracted so we don't think about it or feel.