Unnecessary Toys; North Shore Therapy


Test drove a Prius C over the weekend. It felt so much like my old car, but a hybrid. If I needed a car, and if it wasn't red, I might be driving again today.

I also did some scooter shopping. While they're all conventional drive vehicles, the lower cost, and summer-only use encourages me to consider getting one. When bought used, they are only about $3k for a well-maintained bike.

But mostly, the idea is stuck in my head because of something a housemate suggested to me: "You need North Shore Therapy". The idea being, I need to just bum off to another part of the state for a while to rest and relax. I could do that today, but it would cost more for me to rent a car and drive it to Duluth or Grand Marais. The idea of making it a biking tour has a lot of appeal.

The thing is, I would need to investigate financing, study for a motorcycle permit, and see how much insurance would cost me. All of that combined suggests quite a heavy monthly cost from the outset. If I could null out another loan, or got a pay increase, it would be justifiable. Right now, however, it seems less worth it.