Book Dragon is Reading - FaceOff, edited by David Baldacci


8. Pit Stop [Sean Reilly vs. Glen Garber] by Raymond Khoury vs. Linwood Barclay

This one was a bit forgettable and I suppose that sums it up fairly well. With Barclay apparently not using series characters these days, and the one he last wrote being of a sort to completely avoid involvement in the scenario presented, we end up with one half of the duo who mainly brings to it the terror of potentially losing one’s rather young daughter, while Sean Reilly of the FBI handles the active parts of the story.

Except he doesn’t, quite, because mainly the day is saved by Garber’s 10-year-old daughter Kelly thinking inventively while held hostage, and Reilly to clean up. So perhaps it is really more a team-up of Sean Reilly and Kelly Garber. Barclay not having a current series character I suppose is excluded from my evaluating “Do I want to read more of this character?” that I’ve been doing, although not-appearing-in-this-story Zack Walker sounds maybe interesting. Can’t really tell from this short whether I’d want to see more of Sean Reilly either.