Book Dragon is Reading - FaceOff, edited by David Baldacci


5. Surfing The Panther [Paul Madriani vs. Alexandra Cooper] by Steve Martini vs. Linda Fairstein

This one mostly interested me after a confrontational start - I’ve become rather averse to arguments, so the initial back and forth put me off a little. But once the story itself got underway I was interested the ‘lawyers attempting to uncover the truth of a case’.

The resolution bothered me because near the beginning there were some possibilities I saw, and dismissed on the basis of that didn’t seem to be where the story was going and if the characters weren’t picking up on it I was probably being over-alert for tropes not being invoked here. And yet - you guessed it - turned out what I suspected at the beginning was roughly what was actually being pulled here. This diminished my appreciation because it meant the characters were being unalert at the beginning of the story.

Still liked the part where Madriani and Cooper were cooperating, and somewhat interested in checking out their books in future. But this is still dampened somewhat by how the story overall turned out.