Book Dragon is Reading - Aunt Dimity and the Duke by Nancy Atherton


Now up to beginning of chapter nine. Has mostly been an exercise in getting introduced to the cast of the duke’s household, who are of course nearly all charmingly eccentric.

Especially, persuading our protagonist to be roped into the role of restorative gardener and out of the role of touring vacationer. This, mostly accomplished by an onslaught of British aristocratic charm and an appeal to the authority of the series-regular Pym sisters.

At this point the single most obnoxious guest has been eliminated as a source of unpleasant moments by a grave injury - so presumably the mystery aspects of the story can get going - and the heads of the household have departed to engage in PR damage control.

So we also have the lead and the guy who I’m sure will be her love interest ‘alone’ to work on restoring this isolated old manor. And she can I suppose work on unlocking the tragic mysteries of his past and get to know his precocious, worldly children.

So far it really feels like the protagonist is being fitted up for a romance and mystery narrative whether she is interested in one or not. And that, along with the romanticising of pastoral British aristocracy, is a bit distasteful.