A day out


Busy sort of day. Facelasering appointment appointment in the morning, over-slept so missed breakfast. Did get to listen to many episodes of Planetary Radio and Philosopher's Zone however. And delicious hamburger for lunch.

Then back home to pick up the scrip for my blood draw which I'd forgotten at home, except it really was in my bag I just couldn't find it. And, since I had to be out so much today, took the opportunity to tour some local libraries for the sake of upcoming assignment. I'm supposed to report on outreach to marginalised communities anyway, so why not go and see what posters and pamphlets they actually have up?

And my sister wanted to go a-borrowing so I brought her with me to raid multi-library craft collections. The first one was the most eventful, some woman browsing the stacks went on a tirade accusing my sister and myself of staring at her, of being lesbians dancing around her.

It was quite confronting. Unsettling. One of the first times I get definitely read as female in public and it takes the form of someone accusing me of being a lesbian and harassing her, just for being nearby.

I didn't feel threatened as such, but I failed at gesturing to my sister that we might want to wander elsewhere until she was gone so as not to cause her further distress. So instead asking her a few times to leave us alone and then resolutely ignoring her as we browsed until she left.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful. I hope I don't experience anything like that again.