Been rather sick last week. Had a big assignment due on the Monday we just had and another due on the coming Monday. Fortunately these story reflections are just something I've been slack at cross-posting from already-written at Tumblr, so they don't take much time that I should be working.

Also today my supervisor emailed me an ad for a job at my local library, permanent part time. It would be a pay cut from what I have been usually been getting of recent fortnights (but lots more than I got just lately, thanks to being sick), but it would be steady hours and maybe I would even get sick leave which is something I have been lamenting the lack of frequently. Bit of trade-off, bit nervous about that. But maybe I should try for it.

Last date for applications is the day after my next assignment is due. Will probably be a bit of a rush to get that in, especially as I have a ~long shift that day.