A round of nothing


Been about a month or so since I decided to quit Twitter. Took me about a week to get out of the habit of trying to check it whenever I had a moment's boredom. This did emphasise the loneliness I was already feeling with no one to talk to most of the time - I had been getting a whole lot of what social needs were met filled by friendly interactions on Twitter or even just watching people I liked doing their thing.

But it also freed up more time to waste doing other hollow things. Particularly not having to spend the 2+ hours each morning to catch up on overnight tweets every day (or, on certain workdays, only being finished catching up by bedtime). Despite the loneliness and despite not using it well I have liked having that space available again.

I don't know if I am able to participate on Twitter without committing myself to reading every tweet made by everyone I follow. For most of the past month the only tweets I have made were automated from Tumblr, or sharing from some other site without visiting Twitter itself; the only ones I have read were the mentions I received notifications for.

The past few days I have made some attempts at participating a bit more again, urged on by ami-angelwings​ who said she missed me. Today I tried doing my morning catch-up again and it was a pretty miserable experience, souring my mood further and aside from that leaving me feeling I've wasted a lot of time I could have put to better use. I don't know if I will 'come back' or not, and I don't expect anyone to care, I'm just writing this because I'm able to at this time and I miss being able to write journal posts. I don't want to squander my voice when I have it lest I be filled with further regrets.

There we are.