Title of petulance


Still angry with a local library for their handling of my membership sign-up last year.

After I filled out the process on the provided kiosk the staff-member who was processing my application asked to see some ID. I handed over my driver licence which has no gender marker, but despite finding no corroborating documentation there, this staff-member proceeding to edit the (mandatory) gender field in my library account details. I'm sure this happened despite not seeing it directly because ey also wrote a misgendering title on the back of my library card before issuing it to me.

If you're going to have a mandatory gender field in the application and change it in ways not indicated by major government-issued documentation presented to staff, why even let prospective patrons fill it out? Why not just have a "hey, staff, write whatever you want here" field?

I do wonder if this might have been some sort of vindictiveness for pointing out that the sign-up kiosk link to the library's terms and conditions of use did not resolve. But pointing out a problem in your system surely doesn't merit forcing a person's fourth or fifth preference for gender recognition on em. Had already compromised with the constraints of the system provided as far as was willing. Don't need to take that from me too.