Writing and not writing


Conversation today had me realising how much longer it has been since I wrote much. If asked I would have said the last time I got much writing done was 2010, which is plenty long ago as-is.

But I went back and looked at my old writing logs.

2007: 49,251 words, about half of which went into writing the only (short) novel I've ever actually done.

2008: 19,523 words, mostly going into finishing aforementioned parody novel and an abandoned serial project from the previous year - should try reviving that someday.

2009: 43,367 words. Split between a novella written for NaNoWriMo and an erotic fiction novelette earlier in the year.

2010: 1,279 words recorded as written.

2011-2012: no longs kept.

2013: 4,155 words total. Resolution made to get back into writing and to have written some substantial amount for 2014.

2014: 4,314 written so far, mostly on sword and sorcery serial started last year with intention of being 'easy to write'.

That helps me feel a bit better. Did not realise had already surpassed last year. Shall strive with determination.