Adventures in trying to watch things: Galaxy Express 999


(obviously I start with this one because it is the oldest. we'll talk about that problem some other time.)

As the first item in my list of anime to watch, I figured I may as well get on with sourcing it. How does that go?

Quickflix: no results, so I'm not subscribing to them yet.

Madman: no results, but then I'd rather not buy something on DVD without knowing if I like it - the space it would occupy is a bigger reason to hesitate than cost in the long run.

CrunchyRoll: yes, but region-locked so that I can't watch it (same with Hulu).

Fishpond: incomplete copy of the series on region 1 DVD.

Amazon: incomplete copy of the series on DVD, region-locked, and reviews suggest the series will not be getting a complete DVD release.

Pirate Bay: complete copy of the series available with subtitles.

That's five failed attempts to watch this via corporate-approved means. Tried to pay money to watch this, but the only way to see the whole show is a free torrent or circumventing region blocks on CrunchyRoll or Hulu.