Feeling very stressed since I got back. I had been aspiring to get back to doing a lot of writing this year, but with school I've been feeling squeezed out. I don't have the spare mental capacity to work on the harder parts of writing, like planning or editing. I have tried to keep back the hour between 23:00 and 00:00 to myself but all I can manage is a sub-par stream of whatever comes to mind, and I write slowly at the best of times so it isn't much. I'm just hoping that later on I might be able to go back and clean up, salvage something, or at least that I might still be learning something from the process.

Around the middle of last year I started what I called a 'fast writing' story, aiming to do something of a sword and sorcery sort which did not require much work of me beyond the putting of fingers to keyboard, but I've still done nearly nothing of it past the initial burst of attention. But it is still almost the only project I can even think of continuing at the moment because it requires so little background work, and at least if I try it I can pretend to progress.

School itself may be too much for me. Even though I'm undertaking a part-time load - 2.5 classes this semester - I've only been able to focus my attention on one of those and I'm still behind on it. I am afraid that I will not be able to make a serious attempt on the first assignment for that class, let alone whatever is going on for the class I've not yet had looked at.

I am not doing well. I think I need to further curtail my activities (I've already cut out some very time-consuming things I used to make a habit of), but I need to make sure there is still room for some sort of fun self-reward or I know I will just check out.

Will see. Don't want to make dropping out of school any more of a trend for me than it already is.