Adventures in isolation


Had the place to myself for several days around the weekend. At first planned to get some pizza, just because I have been wanting some for a while. Decided to get in some cooking practice instead - not done enough of that for a long while due to various circumstances and have been missing it.

Just repeated a couple of things I'd enjoyed in the past, mostly from what was already available in the fridge. Had French Onion Soup for the first couple of days, very self-satisfied at managing to produce something so delicious.

On Saturday, baked a test run of [||gingerbread], plus a pot of pumpkin soup for dinner. I was a bit surprised how quick the gingerbread was to make once I'd got the ingredients together. Both, very delicious and satisfying.

On Sunday everyone was back. Disappointing that, was relatively enjoying having the place to myself. Although as always I take such opportunities as an implicit judgement on my fitness to live by myself. So I kept e.g. the kitchen sink cleaner than it normally is with more people living here.

Still think I might do okay at keeping my own place if it were actually my own place, scaled to myself, and not tending to the upkeep of someone else's life and designs. Pets that I could manage myself, a garden I have built up and shaped myself. For now my life does not hold the prospect of that solitary existence; I will either be here, or move in with chosen family in the future.

Sunday evening I went out for an informal Xmas dinner with the weekend and casual staff at the library, since we weren't invited to the proper one with the permanent staff. Non-Australians may be surprised to learn we went to an Outback Steakhouse - was actually quite tasty, would gladly eat there again.

I feel like I did a good job at playing at being an adult and having a social outing. Can't recall doing that voluntarily before except with people I'm dating, or out of familial obligation. Was mostly fun times.

Since the gingerbread was a test run for proper seasonal baking I made good use of it by pcking in a box and bringing in to work to win co-worker favour. Been quite well-received.

Don't like looking after these dogs. Being barked awake in the early morning is not appreciated.