For some reason, streaming sites other than iView not working in Firefox today, despite doing fine yesterday. Also getting very frustrated and concerned about the about the length of time and number of errors being encountered in re-ripping these CDs of mine, especially the newer ones that have been kept safely stored and which ought to be in good condition. Very much hoping I do not need to do this again.

Grimm S02E17. They are still doing the plot where whatsername is trying to recover her memory and the two male leads are trying to help her. Except her memory loss is tied to primary lead's supernatural monster(person)-fighting secret and the telling to her thereof. And consequently also lying to her and striving to keep her from anything that may actually help her because it is tied to that. Very frustrating.

Thundercats S01E07 “Legacy”. I don't really remember Thundercats from my childhood. This is a more recent remake which didn't last.Very generic, but fun enough. Actually, I watched this one a while ago. *skips*

Recently, kid in the library whose presumed-parent was trying to get him to read something other than comics on the basis of those being 'too simple' for him. So I see him standing at the boundary between junior non-fiction and fiction saying “This is true, and this is fake”.

I felt like being all sarcastic about this, but it really surely is not so simple. Fiction and non-fiction are sort of aspirational labels. Plenty of stories that while made up are meant to be educational in some way or other, especially historical 'period feeling' books (thinking about junior fiction here, and stories that are meant to be an adventure + the child learns what life was like in Period N). And non-fiction is more of an aspiration than a guarantee - we think this is true, or thought so at the time.

Aaand there's plenty of stuff gets filed under non-fiction instead of fiction if we think people might want to do studiousness to it instead of entertainment, such as those plays of Shakespeare. Or material I'm not sure belongs simply into fiction / non-fiction like those 'search and find' books. They're not factual information, but they're not made-up stories either; they're something you do or play.

But then we get into my fanciful ideas of How To Catalogue Things and I know not of what I speak, truly.

P. S. got all the albums done, big relief.