First day NaNoWriMo. You sense a certain tension in the air...

Watched Waking the Dead S09E09 “Waterloo (Part 1)”. Looks like whatsisface is finally getting some comeuppance for his rights-violating style of policing. Possibly the final story of the show. So he decides to take on an intentionally last-case before he is done, the least clueful mystery he can find apparently. This one felt refreshingly investigative after Elementary (I took a break after ther first few minutes to watch Elementary).

Watched Elementary S02E03 with Ami. Neither of us particularly cared for the episode. There were some good character moments as usual, but the mystery itself was a combination of slight and worrying Law & Order style 'ripped from the headlines' which is not something we want to see. Also the murder itself seemed contrived and underdetailed, a bare excuse for them to proceed with a case that was otherwise 'chasing Edward Snowden'.

Whitechapel S04E02, back to the witch hunt. Very little to say about this, but still quite enjoying for quality.

Spectacular Spider-Man episode 20 “Identity Crisis”. This was a lot more fun and heartwarming, and hopefully the relationship drama will be resolved now. Don't tend to like stories where tension relies on people being secretive, especially concealing 'hidden world' secrets from close loved ones.

Silverwing episode 12 “Hibernaculum”. Continue to not like that the male hero who showed less interest and diligence is the one who keeps saving the day with his echo projection skills.