Getting ready for morning exercise, receive call from library asking me to come in and work the afternoon and evening shifts. So, change of plans. Treadmill etc. put off until tomorrow. Instead, get breakfast and switch to pre-work routine.

The 99 Episode 4: “Unbound”. Big team heroism cooperative episode. Reminds me of Captain Planet in a good way. Nice to see a show unashamedly promoting virtuousness, even if it means the villain is correspondingly evil.

Doctor Who S5E13 “The Big Bang”. Yet another 'clap your hands if you believe in fairies' ending. Very common for the show's series finales. Time travel stuff is lots of fun, rest of the story rather rubbish.

Finished listening to "Fear of Dragons". Continue to hold my opinions from yesterday. It's a tale about fear and human weakness and strength, not an attempt to realise a world. Works quite well.

Nikita S3E10 “Brave New World”. I like that they say Spy-Fi. In this case comes across as a charming bit of self-awareness.

Too tired for much else thinking. Tired and sore and stiff from work.