Rewatched Elementary S2E2. The mysteries continue to be rather slight, and this one felt especially so (plus I don't think the subject matter works that way), but the character lines continue to be the main appeal. It is a rare pleasure seeing such a well-drawn and developing friendship in any story format, let alone between Holmes and Watson. It was nice seeing how their friendship has grown that Holmes is displaying concern for Watson's well-being outside of their work, and a desire to become more involved in her life. Also odd that Gregson has been a minimal presence in the second season so far; mostly they've been dealing with original character Bell on the police side.

Read nifty article on the history and mysteries of our understanding of tyrannosaurus rex.

Watched Spooks S9E6. Not much to say about. Standard well-done tense espionage stuff. On-going plot with the character Lucas and mentally urging him not to comply with blackmail. One impression I get is a strong sense of frustration from the team at the overshadowing pressure from the US they work under, having to keep them happy and comply with their wishes.

Watched Taggart series 11, "Abuse of Trust". New show to me (or I think I may have watched some years ago, don't recall specifics of - effectively new). First thoughts, lead investigator seems a bit too abrasive with the forensics people, demanding a higher level of confidence than they are prepared to claim. Overall different tone from other crime shows I've watched, bit more "realistic scattershot?" May have just been because the show is unfamiliar and I don't know its rhythms or styles yet.

Watched Doctor Who S5E12 "The Pandorica Opens". Show continues to make no sense on any level but dramatic-thematic, which naturally rather annoys me. This episode's musical cue: strains from Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1" accompanying the reappearance of Rory and his rescuing of Amy. Found it rather obnoxious really. Repeated at the other emotional climax with the Doctor's misguided imprisonment, I believe.

Watched two episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, concluding a plot in which Obi-Wan goes undercover as a bounty hunter. Was neat seeing how he wove his principles into the role he was bound to play, plus further development of Anakin's future fall to the dark side in a more believable and less abrupt way than the the films suggested.

Watched episode two of Ouran High School Host Club "The Job of a High School Host!". New show, no particular thoughts as yet.

In the morning got called to take an evening shift at the library. Seems a couple of people are out sick, so it was just three of us casuals in the building for the final three hour shift. One of the senior staff made sure to verify my ability to set the alarms for closing, which was awkward as I've done that many times before.

While searching out several holds at once from a section of relatively unsorted children's books was interested to notice which untargeted titles got flagged in my awareness as 'similar to what I'm searching for, needs further investigation'. There were about six titles I was after from that which, being unsorted, I would need to either go through every book there once for each title I was looking for, or get my list of all six and try and compare against that whole list at once. Obviously I opted for the latter and that was more than I could cleanly handle at once, so they seemed to get somewhat replaced by easier category markers. Frex, seeking a copy of The Princess and the Pea, I seemed to have that flagged as 'fairy tale', so any title I encountered in my search that was similarly flagged as 'fairy tale' got inspected to see if it was the exact title I was seeking.

Also inadvertently intercepted a call from my supervisor to the person I was filling in for, meant to advise that she would not be in tomorrow, so I ended up being assigned that desk shift also. Unexpected burst of hours at the end of the roster period is very welcome for the pay.

I was disappointed I could not find those aforementioned books, as otherwise my holds-locating was going better than usual. Well, them and a copy of Ender's Game that I'm fairly confident is missing. Very quiet evening so far as patron requests go, so I got to finish moving some books around in the Premier's Reading Challenge area of the collection in order to get them fitting on the shelves without being so tightly squeezed. Was disappointed when the library closed for the night as I was just getting into shelf-checking the books I'd been shuffling.

At least I get to be the first person on that desk again tomorrow so can pick up where I left off. If I don't get to do something demanding at least I can force some order via the miracle of shelf-checking.

Being Thursday night, there were three episodes of Deep Space Nine on after I got home. Did not find them especially engaging or pay much attention despite trying to.