Sunday Story Ratings #73: Usagi Yojimbo Book 5.2: A Kite Story


Usagi Yojimbo Book 5: Lone Goat and Kid: 2. A Kite Story by Stan Sakai

Originally published February 1990 in Usagi Yojimbo Volume 1, Issue 20; this edition August 1992, July, 2008 printing

Publisher: Fantagraphics Books



 Parental Guidance recommended for audiences under 15 years of age


Some violence {G}




All characters male.


No relationships or sex depicted.

Race & Ethnicity:

Characters are all anthropomorphic animals in a culturally Japanese (Edo period) setting.

Disability, Physical Diversity and Health:

None noticed.


None found.


I want to say this story was simpler than the last one, but plot-wise it is not a lot simpler. If it is simpler, it is simpler emotionally, with a kite-maker's ambition to make the best kite he can temporarily thwarted by a rampaging mob.