Late Night Balamb Garden TV


Tricia: "We will miss you, Odo. But you will miss us even more." Don't worry. I'm sure your respective principles will keep you warm at night.
me: That and a fully charged phaser.
Tricia: Phaser's heat the rocks that boil the water that makes the steam that powers this mill. And that, kiddo, is how flour is made.
me: snickers "Is having a gun under your pillow keeping you up at night? Try new gunpillow! The first gun that's also a pillow!"
Tricia: XD *giggles*
me: No sillier than gunblades. ^_^
Tricia: Those are very silly.
me: But less silly than gunpillowblade.
Tricia: *snrfs*
me: "I can't decide if I want to cut him, shoot him, or smother him."
Tricia: But now, with new gunpillowblade, you don't have to choose!
me: "Thanks to new gunpillowblade, I can sleep well at night" *settles in bed, gun goes off, accidentally cuts own head off*
Tricia: *laughs*