In food news


Today I finally got round to baking the strawberry cheesecake slice I've been planning to make for the past few weeks. Was orignally going to make it Xmas Ever for the family but despite my inquiries about kitchen availability beforehand, plans got reshuffled and various things kept coming up until today. So there it is and now it is made, sitting in the fridge as yet untouched.

Am looking forward to eating some of that. I made it last year as well, but felt like with everything going on it got overlooked that time around (for one thing, it didn't get touched until the morning I left for my own little vacation). Worried the crust may be a bit uneven, but it smells good.

Meanwhile, since reading this article on the meal at the beginning of The Hobbit, with accompanying recipe links, I am wanting to try a week of cooking to culminate in a dinner party of sorts. Am sure it would be more exhausting than triumphant, but it isn't likely to happen either, so I don't need to worry about that.