Last week was good


For Xmas day we had a nice, quiet day with the family and alone. The only guest was my sister's boyfriend, who brought her here and stayed. So there was a family lunch, and I rather liked that no one was crying or apparently upset - no frustrated ambitions for the day. Which has probably been the case for several years now but especially stood out to me this time.

I'd thought we were visiting my grandmother on Boxing Day, but it turned out to be Xmas Eve instead. That was a depressing visit, seeing how much downhill she has gone since I last visited in August. Lots more trouble thinking and remembering things, attributed to her refusal to have and use oxygen. For the last several years I had expected my grandfather to be first to die of them, but now I don't know.

Boxing Day we visited my grandfather, who is doing better than he was in recent years. A bit awkward however as I was asked to set up his phone and get it registered for the plan they had signed up for. Not something I have any experience for and ultimately gave up on, as not only did I have to get confirmation on all the information and decisions the process asked for, but ultimately ended up in a loop I could not resolve because I did not have access to information from the time of actual purchase. Apart from that and the racism book-ending the visit from everyone, it went okay.