Been trying for the past couple of days to arrange to visit my grandmother, with my sister, but have not yet succeeded. The day we had selected, when I wasn't working, turned out when I called to be a day she'd had to be taken in to the hospital early in the morning for observation.

Didn't know which hospital, overlooked the possibility of asking. She was still in when I called the next day, also, although in expectation of being released home shortly. So I settled for merely picking up my sister and getting her back home, which took about two hours overall in itself.

She should be home now, but if our next attempt at visiting finds her en-hospitaled again, may have to go see her there. I don't want my memories to include her in a hospital setting, but it would be better than not visiting her at all. People keep suggesting she would be especially happy to see me, but the last time my family went to see her, I was working.

In happier news, made a tasty meal of tofu florentine for the family tonight, out of recipes from The Veganomicon. Have not cooked a proper meal in too long. Trying to keep momentum up with that, so as to keep improving, so have gone straight into planning and shopping lists for next meals.

Am glad that one was received well. Often I panic while cooking that it will turn out badly. At one point realised the yeast I had got was not the kind needed for the recipe, and dashed down to the shops to try and fail to find the correct kind. Fortunately found out afterward that my sister already had some, which I could use. Then got further confused and added a teaspoon of Shaoxing cooking wine to the braising sauce before realising it was not soy sauce (too lightly coloured and watery-looking). Still it all turned out fine in the end which was a huge relief.