In the distant past I made a post suggesting I would be attempting some daily diarying of my life, followed by a whole lot of silence. That was bad timing, as I was immediately hit in the face by five consecutive days of work (not a big deal to most people, I know, but for me that's fairly demanding) overlapping with the beginning of my current semester at university.

The units I am taking are one of mathematics (linear algebra & calculus) and an introductory Indigenous Studies unit. Between them they've been rather steady in terms of assessments being due - I think at least one due each week inclusive of the first - and I've been struggling to keep up. Failing to keep up, really. There've been a couple of maths assignments I haven't submitted at all, and I failed the first test (at least it was a close fail). First assignment for the other class I ended up writing over the four hours before its deadline, getting it in with about a minute to spare. So I have not felt in a position to spare time for writing any posts beyond the weekly game diary and story ratings.

Tonight I managed to submit and pass one of the mathematics quizzes a day ahead of its deadline, and I am starting to feel this is a manageable, salvageable situation. I've no more classes for the next two weeks, after which another assignment and a class presentation are due. So I am hoping over the next couple of weeks I will be able to use the time available to work on those and to get on top of the material being covered this semester.