Gender-Inverted Babylon Squared


My gender-inverted version of the famous Babylon 5 "Fasten then Zip" scene from the episode Babylon Squared.

Garibaldi: Mind if I ask you a question?
Sinclair: Sure.
Garibaldi: Okay, it's morning. You get ready to go to work. You put on your bra. Do you clasp in the front and then twist it around or just clasp it in the back?
Sinclair: What kind of question is that?
Garibaldi: Look, we got two hours to kill...
Sinclair: Forget it!

Sinclair: Why do you wanna know?
Garibaldi: Why do I wanna know? Because I think of these things sometimes. I was getting dressed this morning - then I stopped and started thinking about it. Does everybody do it the same way? Does it have to do with cup size? Band size? Wrist strength?
Sinclair: Do you think about this stuff a lot?
Garibaldi: Yeah.

Sinclair: *sighs* Clasp, then twist. You?
Garibaldi: No twist, just clasp.
Sinclair: Huh.

Garibaldi: Do you put your arms through the straps first?
Sinclair: We're done.