Past few days have been going well. Work is much better when I have things to do over the course of the day. Mainly, books to shelve and people to perform tech support / reference assistace for. It is very satisfying to help a library patron through a few different obstacles in the course of their business and witness their appreciation at its conclusion. That definitely feels better than sitting around waiting for time to pass.

Meanwhile, I am still worried - but less so - that if in future I want a more senior / responsible position I am not in this role developing skills which would assist in that goal, if I end up aiming for it. And that any skills I already have, such as cataloguing, fall further into disuse. While this position gives me pretty much everything I want out of a job at the moment, I am nervous about the prospect of becoming trapped, skills- and experience-wise.

But this is still probably stuff to worry about after I master what is in front of me, if I am capable of even that much. There are very many special cases to learn. Sometimes it seems everything is a special case.

Bah. The point is, new job is going pretty well really, except when am at the branch library and hopefully will find a way to not fall asleep there either, and everyone is being quite encouraging and helpful so far. I hope I prove worthy of their investment. Still afraid I will not.