This morning I dreamed I was in a hell. No recently traditional imagery, just an ashy grey wasteland that was a constant energy drain. One had to be continually alert for ways to recover or preserve one's energy or else lose it all, cease to be.

Some unidentified, nonspecific loved ones were there also, and I made friends too with some decent-interesting folks there, but most others were focused on preserving themselves in nasty, violent or otherwise unsavoury ways. At one point in the dream I tricked most of them into killing each other. No details on the how or any of that were present, just it happened.

Of course more people kept arriving so that did not fix anything. I heard my cat meowing desperately complaining like she does, went to investigate the sound. At the border of this hell I found her protesting as she does when she is not let through a door, and then she jumped up in with me. Very silly kitty, you don't just jump into hells without knowing what you are doing, even if you are a cat and hate not being in places in a catlike way.

But that is about where things ended, and she didn't turn out to be actually outside my bedroom door yowling to get in, although maybe she had been a few minutes before? Anyway I got up and pulled what was left of a wooden coathanger out of a dog's mouth and scolded her for trying to eat it and that was that.