This weekend went too quickly. Pazi and I waited at home for a new piece of furniture to arrive most of the day, but accepted it wouldn't arrive. We burned the day moving books and disposing of a large bookshelf. Late that afternoon we met up with friends for some food and gaming. After a few rounds, we settled in to watching a movie. The evening ended too early, no thanks to my perpetual fatigue. 

Today similarly came and went quickly. Pazi and I only had one errand, but we started in the afternoon and it felt like it occupied the entire day. I tried to slow the day by reading, but fatigue found me there too. 

My class is mostly written at this point. I have most of this week to complete a single lab, then polish the material as much as I can until sending off to the printers on Friday. The following week I'll be testing it against a live environment, and finally I put it in front of students on the 22nd. 

Pazi hasn't been happy about the schedule, especially the travel to Houston half way through the month. It's necessary, and honestly, the best thing for the class. it also means time away from home, and a continued level of stress for several more weeks. 

This is to say nothing about the other class I need to write.