Watching an episode of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes this morning, was surprised to see the character meeting them at some installation introduce herself as Carol - correctly guessed this is meant to be Carol Danvers, AKA Ms. Marvel. If you are Ami Angelwings or myself, you'll know we have been grumbling about the male-heavy nature of this Avengers line-up, and specifically the lack of Ms. Marvel (Ami has also written recently about racial diversity and The Avengers).

So, knowing she is not on the team and thus not a 'primary hero' in this context, her presence in the episode led me to worry how she would be treated. Would she be incompetent? Would she be obstructive? As it turned out, not quite either - rather, she'd be gun-violent and fairly useless, because this was a Ms. Marvel origin episode in which she had only a minor part to play. Knocked out early in the episode, she wakes up at the end to discover she now has powers.

Disappointing, as I've been fond of the character since learning of her existence (and had her in mind when developing a character for a setting of my own), but have hardly at all gotten to see her in an active role, or any role at all. However I did learn on looking through Ms. Marvel's Wikipedia article that she is reportedly joining the Avengers in Season 2.

That might be good. Currently women are represented on the team by Wasp, who seems primarily there for fun and focused on her boyfriend (I would enjoy her much more if she were one of several women on the team, because she is a lot of fun), and at some point Black Widow - a vaguely Russian character currently a double agent for a villainous organisation. At least from looking at her article I see she has a long heroic history and association with the team. Had been skeptical how the show would have this villain turn to the side of good.

Hoping will get to see this character I like being heroic and awesome before too long. Am perpetually suspicious of the writers and other persons on such matters.