Further to yesterday


Perhaps I should dress down a bit at the toy library, as if I am not looking busily engaged in toy library related activities patrons tend to ask me for help finding books.

Which is not to say I can't help them, or don't enjoy doing so. Rather, I worry it would be seen as overstepping my bounds were members of the paid staff to see me providing assistance. So far my approach has been to say something like "I'm not sure I am supposed to help since I am only a volunteer here, but" and finish with the best I can do quickly (usually this involves handing em the book, but not always).

I should resolve this a bit more soon, probably by finding an opportune time to approach friendly-looking paid staff and ask a question that begins with "Oh, hey," which is how that usually starts.

Shall see. It is awkward because people are asking me to do something I am trying to do professionally, but feel is officially inappropriate despite my being capable. Someday with good fortune this shall be resolved by people paying me to do this. I hope.