Dreams and Stories


In my last fitful moments of sleep, the brain conjured up scenes from a Starreader animated production...

*The Starreader theme plays: a soft and bittersweet melody of long notes from the flute, equal parts Eastern and Western, accompanied softly by a string section*

~Tre'ana, alone in the forest by day, reading from her grandmother's old book. The page is turned to "The Princess's Tiara". Tre'ana is running her hands gently across the up the embossed inklines along which the characters are written. She is silently mouthing the letters to herself. No translation is provided. Pan up to the daylight skay and the sun.

**Title splash: The Universe symbol on the left. In a column in Starreader up the right, the series title is shown, in Starreader scrolling up, and English scrolling down**

~Cut to a small fire in the woods. Tre'ana is sitting on a log a ways off from it, on the other side of the clearing. She searches out her page slowly, using just enough of the light, then marks it with a scarf from her pocket. Rising, she steps into the darkness, slightly apprehensive, making sure not to look back at the flames. She gazes up at the stars, her eyes adjusting.

The Princess's Tiara shines brilliantly in the background.

Tre'ana opens the book unsteadily, balancing its weight carefully and running her fingers across the first line. As her fingers trace the path they ran earlier, she whispers the glyphs aloud from memory.*

Tre'ana, quietly: "Kapesh itoke narinta sif fatah. Talesh ushushe..."