Triumph? Other things


Today was okay. Feet are definitely getting better at handling the standing, rather faster than I had been expecting based on experience, and minimal other pain today. There had been an arrival of new furniture at the charity shop today, which I took upon myself to arrange while senior staff were out, and which was well-received. As much as I spend most of my 13 hours/week there straightening coathangers, I make it clear to the staff there that I am interested in having my time occupied with work rather than simply bludging if there is anything else they have for me to do.

Today I invited myself to sort their books for sale. Started with progress on arranging each shelf alphabetically, getting some feel for their material and plotting to follow up with more ambitious stuff like subtly differentiating the children's books into subsections like 'infants', 'children' and 'young adult fiction'. It may be a losing battle given customer- and staff-introduced entropy, but at least it is a losing battle that may make the days pass faster. Shall see what I can do with it, along with straightening coathangers. If I get a semblence of victory, possibly move on to their audio and video material too. Not to mention weeding the larger sizes rack to make sure it actually has only larger sizes (a customer wanted some larger clothes recently, I directed her there, after some searching she informed me that many of the clothes there were not so large).

The toy library cleaning went well. I dared to sully my professional image by listening to podcasts during the cleaning, on the Nook Colour I acquired in Minneapolis. That was fun. Got to hear two parts of a modern opera serialised by the ABC and learn some stuff about dolphin brains and intelligence. Two halves of toy pizza and a crocodile were found to be superfluous and went to the storeroom until their homes can be found. Apart from that and one other item, everything went smoothly.

That other item was the dread bath toy set, which at first I thought had come back with a mold infestation. Fortunately what I saw from the outside turned out to be just dirt and tiny leaves, water. Went through a lot of wipes cleaning that up, worryingly so as supplies seem low. The last toy in the box was full of water which needed shaking out, and a live spider inside a wheel.

I stared at that for a bit, checked the storeroom, then asked a librarian if there were any containers I could use for removing a spider. Was brought a small cut off cardboard box and somehow managed to get the little spider in there without killing it. Shook the box a lot on the way out so it wouldn't climb up the walls and out, and finally dumped it on a lawn.

Returned the box, finished up with the bath toys and the next box and left for the charity shop about ten minutes early, arriving only a few late. Felt pleased with self for handling the Great Someone Sent A Spider To The Library incident and so, hurrah. Surely there will be more of that stuff.