Some days ago I saw a book identification post on a blog I was reading. The basic idea is, someone writes in with a vague description of a book for which they do not know title and author, but wish to know. People then comment with details of what they think the book in question is, and hopefully everyone goes home happy. This prompted me to try practicing my search skills to identify a book I read in my teens and which bothered me by being remembered only as a vague plot, much as I had done a while back with The Quiet Earth (which sounded so horrifyingly unpleasant, reading the summary some ~16 years after I stumbled mystified across part of that film, that I am glad I never succeeded in finding it to watch).

I tossed Google a bunch of terms, something like 'fantasy rainbow road sword demons'. Mostly I got back a lot of Final Fantasy related results. which made me wonder how those came to match up with rainbow road. A few permutations tried, no luck, until I removed the word road. That took me rather directly to Blue Moon Rising by Simon R. Green.

Pretty amusing result, since I'd kind of liked the novel and was hoping more by the same author might satisfy an itch most of my fantasy reading doesn't touch, and for a while now I'd also been given to think Simon R. Green sounded like an interesting author worth giving a try.

(I notice I forgot to be specific above - Blue Moon Rising stood out as definitely the book I'd had in mind)

Something to feel very good about. I shall definitely have to try and read more of his work.