Four years

It has been four years since I began the process of getting licensed to drive. This morning I finally had my test to qualify for an unrestricted licence. Before heading out I ended up listening some Herman's Hermits. Love a lot of the songs on that album, so won't be trying to list particular favourites. Except to say 'Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter' is a great example of to do a song of the "I'm in love with a woman and she isn't in love with me" sort that isn't creepy. So that was a fun way to get myself woken up and dancing of a morning. I never remember how much I miss music until I put just the right thing on. Surprisingly little wait for the test, except the unexpected form filling out, and then a whole lot of nervousness. It was in content a hazard knowledge test plus some video sequences with scenario in which the testee is to touch the scene whenever they believe it would be the safe and appropriate time to perform a described action. Was uncertain about a couple of the knowledge questions, and a couple of the visual ones too. One in particular, was worried I'd selected to make the turn too early, and thus failed. Very nervous, but presumably is obvious from the structure of this post that I passed. So now I have a full licence finally and don't have to have those plates attached to the car any longer. Might have made a bad choice to get the licence for only one year - cost nearly $50, with $115 being the price for three years and $150 for five - but it caught me off-guard and I didn't want to spend so much unexpectedly. Ah well. Hopefully will have a job by next time and more income to dispose of.