Car trouble and changes of circumstance

The following violates my single topic per post rule. I blame myself for not updating more diligently. Offered to drive my sister to the station on Monday, as she'd just missed her bus. That was how we found out the car wasn't working. Bit of a worry, as I had an appointment Tuesday with my case manager. I was sure it was not the battery, as I had driven the car just a few days after I got back and it was fine then. Plus that excursion was in the middle of the day, making it very unlikely I could have left the lights on. As it turns out, the battery was flat. Still don't know how that happened, hoping it won't repeat itself. Took a few hours charging. On the next day I went out to my meeting, only to be told I had misremembered and it was actually on Wednesday. Wouldn't have minded so much, except for the temperature being 40 much of this week. Took the opportunity, anyway, to poke around nearby shopping centre to see if I could find any items I considered urgent. Didn't find a good new water bottle, nor a new wallet. Did find that HDMI cables are expensive enough to make me question the worth of purchasing them. I returned on Wednesday for the actual meeting. Due to the difficulty I have had securing sufficient mandatory volunteering hours it seems I shall have to do 30 hours/week at a nearby charity shop, if that too does not fall through. Expected to start after final arrangements settled in a couple of weeks and continue until mid-May. It also came out that my case manager was not aware of my autism diagnosis. My first case manager never noted it in my file, and I do not recall if that was by agreement or not. So now I have been presented with an option. I can have that noted on my record and possibly (or possibly not, at the whim of Centrelink) be moved to disability employment services, with a new case manager and presumably more focused assistance, and only be required to obtain part-time employment. At the moment, Centrelink doesn't intend to leave me alone until I find a full-time job. I am concerned accruing official disability labels might hamper my immigration potential to other countries. I am also worried that I am very bad at being concrete about things I might benefit from, and what if I don't actually need any of those services? It seems like what I need help with is what anyone struggling to find a job could probably stand to be helped with. My worry is I will either not benefit or suffer some long-term harm from the categorisation. But of course I also wonder if I would benefit. Might be something I could gain from which I don't realise or know how to express. Clearly what I need to do is some research on the possibilities. I have a few weeks to think about it anyway, and my current plan is to try several weeks of the planned enforced volunteering first and see how I handle it - one of my concerns about myself is whether I can handle full-time work or whether I will collapse under it. The library placements I did were great, and I performed well, but so emotionally draining at the time I wondered whether I could handle a full work week of that every week, when two days a week were draining me so much. But I have to try a fuller schedule to find out. Afterwards, another visit to the shopping centre. I picked up a copy of Clocks by Elena Kats-Chernin and, by serendipitous good fortune a secondhand copy of Metroid Prime Trilogy, which game had been discontinued over a year ago and which at that same location I'd been unable to find a copy despite diligent scouring when I tried. Also, some more looking around revealed HDMI cables to be more expensive than I thought.