Bratwursts: partial success

Attempted bratwursts tonight according to Mantic Angel's recipe. The grill started slow, eventually I turned it up full, on the basis that I was originally shown this in US ovens. It came out well, I think. The bratwursts I'd found were definitely curved, so I found it necessary to break their backs to finish turning them. My family had already eaten most of the buns, there were only four left, but there didn't seem much hunger going round so I only cooked one pack of six. All the food components came out well, put together buns, mustard, tomato sauce, bratwursts, sauerkraut. Tasted quite good to me. Didn't get any feedback from my mother's husband. My mother couldn't stand the smell of sauerkraut, so after eating I threw what was left of the pot-full I'd heated out, since I wouldn't be able to eat it by myself and no one else seemed interested. So, partial success. It was tasty, but I can't feasibly make that again as long as I live here.