At Tess's encouraging, and since yWriter is much trickier to get working under Linux, I have recently attempted adoption of Scriptito as a writing platform. Especially having been told the interface is similar, and I've grown accustomed to that. Spent a long while examining Scriptito's import options, then went and exported most of my projects from yWriter into HTML, transferred them over to the new laptop, and ran the import procedure. Didn't quite get the screens the tutorial promised, and when the import was finished the project was empty but otherwise fine. So I went back and exported from yWriter in every format it could export to. Importing to Scriptito from *.txt worked better, although I was not quite happy with the final processed result. Don't recall if some is due to my inexperience, but much definitely isn't. Main issue I might be to blame for is all three parts of the story being filed under an unnecessary sub-header. Aaafter the plane and subsequent crash, finally felt up to doing some more work and imported my 'novel' manually in a more yWriter style, creating a separate text section for each scene and copy-pasting. Took a while, but came out decent. Will need to label each scene since unlike yWriter I don't get a text preview on selecting, and that makes drag-and-drop rearrangement a bit trickier. But it does do drag-and-drop rearrangement, and that makes what I was in the middle of before switching over much easier. Having two versions of the story, went back to compare the one imported directly to see which would be better to work with, seems very clearly the one done manually is the winner. That's already broken up into chunks at the scale I was working with and the other one needs a lot of line by line formatting - paragraph breaks have not been preserved. Not the best transition from yWriter to Scriptito so far, but it at least has been working. Expect it will be easier the next time I start a work from scratch. Meanwhile, going to keep poking at to find out if I will want to pay for expanded space when I need it, or move on to a different tool. This probably came across as a fairly negative piece, but I am feeling optimistic about Scriptito. Am looking forward to finishing a few pieces with it. A bit wary of what I start, mind, since the free version is limited to 5 projects and 5 MB of data total, but optimistic.