Statements of Intent


I think I tried making New Year's resolutions a few times when I was younger, but it didn't get very far. Later I jumped on the cynical bandwagon and declared that it was a silly gesture, given most people usually don't keep theirs for all that long, and why not focus on being a better person the whole year round? 

I, of course, did not bother to take the very medicine I was prescribing there. And I like to think that if I've grown at all over the past few years, it's thanks to becoming a less-cynical (or at least, less baselessly-cynical -- healthy pessimism is perfectly fine >>), more-disciplined person. So this year I will eat my own words and try both setting some general resolutions, *and* work on them in an ongoing way for as long as possible. I may not make it to the end of the year (Winter Solstice 2011), but I *will* check in on at least a monthly basis to see how I'm doing with that, and ideally share some of the results (where they're newsworthy and appropriate) on this journal.

With that said, here are my ideas so far -- additional suggestions thoughts, comments and questions, especially from those who know me well, are quite welcome. 


1. Create more.

Work on the novel (could use a wordcount-tracker...anybody know a good one?). Work on the other writing projects you've been paying attention to. But don't stop there -- learn to draw again. Learn to draw better. Play with clay. Take out that knitting beginner's kit and see if someone can help you figure out how to stitch. Do body art with your color supplies. Record your worldbuilding ideas in the relevant wikis regularly. Break out the easel and watercolors Tess has had lying around and try your hand at painting. Learn a craft of some kind. Tend your garden, and plan it better this time. 

2. Get your homework done.

Plan a routine, identify places you can study outside the home. Write your homework papers before you focus on any other kind of writing -- your wrists can only do so much in a day. Find study buddies, both from school and in your life -- people who you can feel accountable to for getting the work done alongside. Ask your family for help with this whenever you need it. Be flexible about where and how you get studying done. And most importantly, get your disability services handled ASAP so you have some extra breathing room.

3. Be a better friend. 

Call, write, or visit each of your friends more (as appropriate). You may have less free time because of school, and that makes it all the more important to keep track of the people in your life who you aren't dating. Make some new friends. Dust off your OKCupid profile. Keep in touch with the friends far away, too. Note: Don't overextend yourself, or feel pressured to give more of your time to other people than you can afford. 

4. Take care of yourself.

Get your teeth dealt with, at least as much as possible. Make it to your doctor appointments on time. Keep up with your therapist. Monitor your depression and how it responds to your psych meds. Hit the gym three times a week and the yoga studio at least once (twice is better). Keep monitoring the way you consume. Be more choosy about what you consume. Build more meals around fresh veggies. Walk to more places whenever you have the energy.

I think I could use a #5, but this'll do for now.