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Body Ritual Among the Nacerima

Anthropologist, heal thyself? A fascinating account about the inscrutable behaviors of an exotic people. Should've worked "wholistic" in there somewhere. ;p

Worst Case Scenario for Global Warming

This prognosis, if accurate, is pretty scary to me -- social inequities deepen, refugee numbers skyrocket, economies are hit hard, governments are likely to respond with increasingly-authoritarian measures in the name of self-preservation. And that's just the human side -- on an ecological level, we lose more and more biomass and biodiversity as the Holocene Extinction accelerates, and specialists give way to generalists squabbling over ever-shrinking niches, and a huge portion of the genetic solution space becomes inaccessible, further weakening the biosphere...

 Robots Designed by Genetic Algorithm

On the other hand, the machines are catching up all the time. I'm sort of tickled that the novel-in-progress called this. ^^

Open Database of Endangered Languages

This is good news -- hopefully it will be of assistance with language revitalization, not just research...

Map of Asia Before The Mongol Empire

Found this while flitting about after watching a decent biopic of Ghengis Khan (though it does take a few historical liberties).