Time Off, Rambling


Pazi and I woke up early to hit the gym -- neither of us have been there for weeks. I've been keeping up on my exercise at home with my bicycle, my pair of free-weights, and my exercise ball. Even so, it's difficult to get a proper workout without the machines available at my local Y. I finished my normal cardio routine, but cut it short on strength training. I was running out of energy, and didn't want to keep Pazi any longer. We snacked for lunch, then headed up to Grant's for a nice home-made dinner and a night of bad movies.

It's already Saturday; the last week of vacation has gone so fast. I've managed to avoid working out of boredom (or fear), but I've had more than a little difficulty actually relaxing. I've tried to cultivate some quiet time to think, but often I was so tense or tired that I couldn't summon the mental energy to do so. Perhaps this is to be expected as Trice was out of contact while she flew from Sydney to Portland, Oregon. This caused a huge amount of tension in the apartment, as we could only assume the silence meant that everything was going well. After all, it is a long, long flight from Australia. She arrived safely, of course.

Pazi and I chose to spend Thanksgiving at home. We met up with friends at a local cafe. I had a Latte and a Turkey sandwich. We stayed until the cafe started to close, and moved our conversation to the apartment. We had a lovely evening, ending with the film Night of the Lepus. Friday passed quickly, broken only by a grocery shopping trip.