So Bloody Tired


Ugh. So tired today. I'm not sure if I slept poorly or if I was up to late last night. Either way, it's annoying and and caffeine does not seem to be helping.

I've managed to produce quizzes for three of the up to 7 units in one class. I would like to complete another three before the day is over, but the problem is that those units aren't terribly solidified. I keep wanting to go back over them and edit them or rewrite them. The fact of the matter is, however, I'm out of time. I should just accept what they are -- which isn't terrible, just not as good as it could be -- and move on. This class needs to be out the door by the end of the month.

And that's not the only class. I have an additional class that I need to put together and push out the door by the same deadline. I keep telling myself that there's a lot of overlap between the two classes, and much of the content is simply copied. I worry however, that something will occur to me that will make me rethink that entire assumption. 

I feel I've burned so much time on this project unnecessarily. Some has been due to frustration, other office issues, and yet others dealing with problems in other curricula. I feel I really need to knuckle down this week and do as much as I can -- put in as many additional hours as I can handle -- in order to get this done. 

Maybe the situation will look better in a few hours when I have more of these quizzes done and drawn my line in the course-writing sand.