People of the Nook


[13:40] Pazi: Huh, many Muslims also eat Kosher meat.
[13:40] Pazi: Makes sense -- the Quran considers Jews and Christians to be people worshipping the same god.
[13:40] Pazi: ("People of the Book.")
[13:41] Pazi: I knew that connection but didn't realize as a point of practical fact that kosher is generally okay.
[13:41] Me: Huh.
[13:41] Me: Does that mean in the future there'll be The People of the Nook?
[13:41] Pazi: XD
[13:41] Pazi: *tickle*
[13:41] Me: *flutters*
[13:42] Me: Nook, I can't stop thinking about "Religious Marketshare". ^_^;;;
[13:42] Pazi: XD