On Friday, I'll be getting my first tattoo -- Mothra, above my right breast. Hopefully it'll only be the first of many; if I'm going to be a chronically-unemployed geek slacker, I may as well get to enjoy the freedom it brings. The face tattoos may have to wait, though. 


First week of "primarily-vegetarian" eating has been successful. I'm still getting the occasional meat craving, but our basic rule is that it's okay if we go out (especially when we head to Grant's, where options are very limited). We've experimented with a number of substitutes; so far we hate mock prawns, but love Tofurkey sausages, soy chorizo, mock duck, textured seitan, and various kinds of tofu. We have yet to try the tempeh or mock fish. Our old familiar recipes mostly translate very well into a meat-free kitchen, and it's helping us try new things as well. Inarizushi is also becoming a favorite.


On a tangent: good news! I now have food stamps and medical assistance.


Been spinning my wheels a lot lately, or so it feels. I'm not pushing for any particular job or similar position at the moment, so I'm left with a sense of "Now what?", and it leaves me in a place that's taking some effort to sort out. Assuming no new shoes drop, I'll have access to health care soon, and a little extra to help purchase food (and reduce the cost burden on Tess). That would remove a lot of pressure in the here and now, but...where do I go from here?


It's been tough to write lately. I have more options and ideas for it than ever before, but it's a slog just to make something like a semi-regular blog entry, much less keep up a good pace at the stories I'm dealing with. 


Wish I could go back to school. I'd lose myself in classwork and try to find my niche in academia this time, instead of struggling and sputtering before my life's instability inevitably brings it crashing down around my ears...someday, hopefully?


Can't make it to 750 words tonight. Out of energy and dealing with some stress. Night all.