Working away

Trying to work at these things I've decided are the problems of my Epic Fantasy which must be fixed before the whole thing can be cleaned and released. Problems in this case means plot holes or anything else I think breaks the story, not merely the bits that are badly written. The first one was easy, needing only the swapping of two scenes' order, plus some slight text tweaking there for and action described twice that only needs once. Haven't done that yet, haven't decided how I want that done, and the current problem is likely to decide that one for me in its resolution. The second was just about as easy. Only needed to edit one sentence and add another several scenes previous. Had been expecting something more complicated but when I went to add what else I thought was needed it suddenly seemed an excess within the text that would diminish the story rather than improve. So that was left out and I finished unexpectedly quick. The third problem is so far being the messiest. These are all in Part 2 of the story so far, nice and contained. There are five sections in Part 2, chapters I suppose they'd be (which is an idea, might try an official structuring into chapters and parts). The first problem was in section 3, the second problem was in section 2 and the third problem sits back in section 3 again. What we have going on here is a lot of unexpected running around, and then the characters solve a problem that had not even been introduced. No hint there's something up until someone demands it be fixed. So I need to find somewhere earlier on to introduce the problem before it gets solved and hopefully make it work with what has already been written. I think I have found a good spot for that. Just need to extend an especially short scene somewhat, take one of the two consecutive inn scenes and move it about 2,000 words later and one of the lines mentioned as needing editing above has its new nature determined. The other might just stay as it is, which is a pleasant surprise. Also surprising, I thought I was going to have to rewrite the bit that comes after too, but depending how I do this, maybe not. Beginning to suspect I may have to try a fix, take a look at it, see there are still problems with it and try again. We shall see, we shall see.