I feel disappointed in myself for today, because despite an excellent opportunity with many hours available I became distracted and did not use today for editing. I am trying to remind myself I have a right to some sense of accomplishment, as I did manage to fix the first item on my checklist of items that need dealing with before I am done with the story. It turned out to be again simpler than I expected, mainly because with yWriter I just had to drag and drop one scene so it was before another, instead of after. There. It was only a minute's work but it was also something that needed doing and I did it, so a step closer to satisfaction we are. Mainly disappointed I didn't spend more time working on the other problems that are, I think, less immediately serious but also less immediately fixable. But since I want to go to bed feeling good about what I did rather than bad about what I didn't, I'll focus for now on "problem solved" and attend to the others as soon as I may.