Doctoring disappointment

So far, I think I have to admit being disappointed by this current series of Doctor Who. Maybe my expectations were too high. Victory of the Daleks, that was great. That was pretty much the dalek episode I'd been wanting since Army of Ghosts / Doomsday. But the last story I watched, Time of Angels / Flesh and Stone, that was a shame. Started nice, very tense. Wasn't expecting River Song to show up again, so that was fun. And the thing with weeping angels and images, that was a nice touch, adds to the horror of the concept. But it all fell down especially in the second part. There seemed no point, then, to having the weeping angels as the antagonists. Would have done just as well to have any lumbering intimidating antagonist for that part since they weren't acting as angels. Not just the snapping people's necks, but moving with their eyes uncovered, and especially the bit where Amy was supposed to pretend being sighted so they'd freeze around her. What ever happened to "the loneliest creatures in the universe" who had to cover their eyes so they didn't see each other because they'd automatically be locked in stone form? It seems odd throwing away a perfectly good creature concept like that for no gain. Especially when it was written by the same person who introduced them originally, and who now is in charge of the show. I suppose it could be seen as whiny, complaining about canon nitpicks but my point is it felt like lazy, crude execution of a concept that could have been great. Just finished watching watching The Vampires of Venice and that was more fun, albeit with a few nitpicks of its own nitpicks (the boyfriend humour was disappointing). Very surprised to be quite looking forward to the next episode, since what I'd seen in images didn't encourage, but the end of episode preview makes it look like a Farscape episode. And Farscape is excellent.