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A long while ago, reading the dc20 Modern System Reference Document I was struck by the section on Incantations. To me it seemed an excellent system within the rules for opening inter-planar travel to low level or non-magical characters. I tend to regard that as important, so I set about designing 'Incantations' to facilitate that sort of travel. Normally the designs include construction of a specific ritual chamber or other structure / prepared area in which the incantation itself is to be performed. A sort of symbolic machinery, is what I was going for. Alright. Well. So I was recently pondering a bit of story design and wandered onto this topic of inter-planar ritual machinery again. In D&D style cosmology (or among my preferred version[s] thereof) I'd been designing tools for characters to travel from the 'Prime Material' plane, the place where your standard pseudo-medieval fantasy adventure takes place, to the numerous elemental, ideological and transitive planes of that cosmology where its unworldly beings dwell. Angels and demons and djinn and such. But this time, this time I wondered about a machine made to facilitate transport between different layers of the material plane, something that could be tuned between destinations, between different layers. Where those other planes are like conceptualisations made manifest this would be... not quite visiting alternate histories, but travelling to other planets that may be similar or different but at least abide by (usually?) the same physics. I wondered if that could be a fun game, being of a civilisation with little or no magic, that builds or possibly finds such a device relic and sets out to explore with it. I suppose it could be called something like Planegate: SG1.