Vroomp, vroomp?

Got to watch The 11th Hour a couple of days ago, the first episode in Matt Smith's stint as the Doctor and of Steven Moffat's period running the show. Very willing to like this Doctor as I was dissatisfied with how the series was going prior to the changeover. Don't know if I'm seeing things I like or if so far we've got enough of a blank canvas that I'm merely projecting what I want to see. Loved the new TARDIS insides, and making it clear there is more than just the one room. Hopefully we will get to see more of that. Am worried Amy will be another companion who falls in love with the Doctor. Hopefully not. Also disappointed it's just her coming along for the ride and not her boyfriend too. I've been wanting to see a pattern other than 'the Doctor + young attractive woman'. Ah well. The episode itself felt disjointed, with a tense first half giving way to a bright and light frolic. If this wasn't deliberate to give us a taste of what to expect, I'm confused. If it was deliberate, well, I like both sides but probably would rather not see them combined in a single episode. I could grumble more, but really I like how much this felt to be a fresh start, and am optimistic about where it will go.