Introducing....Drafts and Autosave


One of the most requested features among our users (i.e., Me and the other four people using the site), is the ability to automatically save posts-in-progress. 

This turned out to be easier than I had thought to implement as the Drafts module provides all the needed functionality. 

Features of Drafts include:

  • The ability to maintain more than one draft at a time.
  • Maintain drafts for all content types.
  • Autosaving of new posts.
  • Autosaving of changes to existing posts.
Each user can enable autosave under your account profile:
  1. Click your username at the top of any page.
  2. Click the "Edit" tab.
  3. Scroll down to "Draft Autosave Settings".
  4. Click the "Enable Autosave" button.
By default, drafts are automatically saved every 30 seconds. You can change this under your account profile. 
Drafts are retained for 30 days unless edited. After 30 days, drafts are automatically deleted.

Once you save a draft (or have it autosaved), it will be available in your drafts page, under the Springboard. Click the "View" link to open your draft.